Vanity Room Waxing and Tanning Forth Worth Texas

Vanity Room Levels

At Vanity Room Waxing Boutique, we prize a commitment to professionalism and we reward our estheticians for exemplary service and for continuing to improve their skills and expertise. At VRWB, continuing education and professional development is a core value, which is why our Estheticians are rated on a Level System, a system that reflects both the level of experience required and the cost for each service. This system gives clients control over their services and gives estheticians a sense of pride and satisfaction with their development as beauty professionals. Why do we do this? Because it creates a sense of pride + satisfaction + growth opportunities for our estheticians, and being an Esthetician at Vanity Room Waxing Boutique is more than a job, it’s a career for those with a passion for all things beautiful.

Fort Worth and Keller Texas waxing Esthetician

This level is for estheticians new to Vanity Room Waxing Boutique after completing thorough training, yet have not had the time to acquire experience inside Vanity Room Waxing Boutique to meet certain goals. Please be assured that the Esthetician has excelled in initial training & will provide you with quality services that meet our expectations and yours as well.

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Fort Worth and Keller Texas waxing Esthetician Plus

After meeting certain goals required, Estheticians graduate to this advanced Esthetician+ level while continuing to further their education & training.

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Fort Worth and Keller Texas waxing Master

This level is reserved for our Estheticians that go above and beyond with their goals and is typically reserved for Estheticians with 3+ years of experience at Vanity Room Waxing Boutique. Their commitment to Vanity Room Waxing Boutique keeps them at the forefront of new techniques and trends.

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Fort Worth and Keller waxing Texas Expert

This level is primarily reserved for those who not only demonstrate Expert level services but also assist with management and training responsibilities. Due to the strenuous schedule of Experts, most are unable to accept new clients.  At this level, this esthetician would be an actual educator in the salon, bringing their expertise to every level within the boutique.

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